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Business Loans

The terms and agreements of this type of finance are varied. Usually terms will be specific to each individual case. We can help with anything from startups, growth capital, debt finance and asset purchasing. We can also help you if you do not have a solid form of collateral!


Alternative Business Funding

With a practical approach to recognising value in businesses long ignored by traditional lenders, has now helped more than 1,500 business owners and stakeholders to take control of their company finances, using money from their accumulated pensions as an alternative source of business funding.

This form of funding is ideal for SMEs seeking working capital for growth or enhanced cashflow.
It is not sector specific and keeps owners in direct control of their business finances, whilst reducing the risks associated with personal debentures and guarantees commonplace with traditional business financing.

  • Minimum Pension £50,000

  • Terms available 3 - 10 years (loans can be repaid at any time without charge)

  • Must be a UK owned and registered business (Ltd, LLP etc)

  • Repayment rates between 2.5% - 8% over bank base rate (on average)

  • Facilitated through an HMRC registered pension scheme

  • Advice and pension administration provided by FCA authorised and regulated firms