Rider Insurance

Insurance for Riders

Riding accidents don't just happen to horse owners. So if you ride but don't own or permanently loan a horse, you could benefit from our Rider Plan. Cover is available for adults and children and includes personal accident, third party liability, emergency vet fees and riding equipment.

Horse Insurance

Equine insurance is vital when owning a horse. Your insurance policy can help cover costs if your horse is stolen, or through illness or injury becomes unable to perform the job you bought him to do. 

You can also purchase insurance to help with liability risks, for example if someone is injured while riding or handling him, or if he damages a neighbour’s property.

There are various types of Equine insurance available, including:

Major Medical

Equine medical insurance covers veterinary costs such as diagnostic procedures, surgery, medication and veterinary visits associated with an illness or injury. 


Surgical policies only come into play if your horse needs an operation. They cover expenses directly related to the surgery, such as the surgeon’s fee and the price of anaesthetics. 

Full Mortality 

When you take out a major medical or surgical policy on your horse, insurance companies also require that you purchase Full Mortality insurance to make sure that you will do everything possible to save your horse.

Should your horse die from illness or an accident, or if he is stolen and not recovered, Full Mortality insurance will reimburse you the value of the horse, determined at the time your horse is insured. 

Limited Mortality

If your horse dies as a result of an accident or another specified cause, Limited Mortality insurance will reimburse you the value of the horse. You don’t need to have a medical or surgical policy in place in order to purchase this type of insurance.

Loss of Use

Loss of Use insurance protects you if your horse is injured or becomes ill to the point where he can no longer perform his primary function. You also need to carry major medical insurance when you take out a Loss of Use policy.

Personal Liability

Personal Liability insurance protects you in the event your horse injures someone or damages property.

Our cover for riders and owners gives you peace of mind. Let Hugo Wright find you the ideal cover today. 


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