Wills and Trusts

Hugo Wright offer legal and professional Will Writing services to ensure that your wishes are documented correctly, and cover all areas that are relevant to you and your specific financial and family circumstances.

Our services include:

Will Writing 

We offer a Will Writing service that is considerate, professional and legally compliant.

Why do you need a Will?

There are a number of reasons why having a Will is essential:

  • to avoid your assets being distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules which could mean, for instance, your spouse not inheriting all of your estate

  • to ensure that those you wish to inherit your assets on your death actually get them

  • to nominate executors of your choice to deal with the distribution of your estate in the certain knowledge that they will comply with your wishes

  • to nominate your preferred guardians of your children to avoid disagreements or family upsets

  • make small personal gifts

  • to take advantage of tax saving strategies

Possible other reasons depending on individual circumstances...

  • to explain why a possible beneficiary is being excluded

  • to ensure the continuation of a family business

  • to ensure that 'first' and 'second' families are treated fairly

  • to reflect lifetime rearrangement of assets

  • to give specific guidance to executors

Will Registration Service

We use Certainty the National Will Register, the Law Society's endorsed provider of a national Will Register. They are chosen, endorsed and used by the public, legal profession, law firms, PI insurers, Government agencies, charities and other associated sectors and organisations to Register Wills and Search for Wills.

Using the Will Registration Service will ensure your Will can be found.

Secure Will Storage

We offer safe and secure storage for your Will and associated documents at secure premises in the East of England. Our facility is secured, weather- and fireproof and tamperproof to ensure your documents are protected from loss or damage. We also hold insurance for this service.

Your documents can only be accessed by you until such time that your nominated executor needs to, at which point this is done in accordance with your instructions.


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