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Most of us have heard about life insurance. Life insurance usually pays out a tax-free cash lump sum in the event of death and in some case upon the diagnosis of a terminal illness. It is a policy that most of us take out in the hope that we will never use it. However, it is imperative that it is done in such a manner that it will serve its purpose if it is needed.

Life Insurance is usually very affordable and medically underwritten taking into account your age, life style and medical history. This means it is specifically priced for you. This also means it is cheaper now that it will be for you in the future. There are variations of life cover to serve to different circumstances that many people may not be aware of such as; - Family income benefit – make regular tax-free payments to the beneficiaries Whole of life insurance – guaranteed tax-free pay out Life cover for a mortgage – tax free cash lump sum to pay out standing mortgage The different products available will vary and so will the options they come with such as indexation and the length of the policy and price etc.

When arranging life insurance please consider your will and/or a trust, so should it be needed it will serve the purpose you intended.For further advice please visit Hugo Wright Legal Services. All insurance policies come with their own terms and conditions and advice is recommended. Please contact our office or an Advisor and take advantage of our free advice.