After ten years working in the insurance industry, we wanted to set up a company that put our clients’ needs first.  We pride ourselves on our integrity, our customer service and our commitment to making the process easier for our clients.

We believe the right advice is absolutely necessary when it comes to something as important as insurance and finances, and so we launched Hugo Wright in 2016.  We provide honest, open and transparent advice based on our clients’ needs, to empower them to make informed decisions. 

At Hugo Wright, we recognise the need to lead by example.  We prefer to work with providers who treat people with the same integrity that we pride ourselves on, and who measure their success on how well they service their clients.

We are proudly a company that stands by its values whilst offering a comprehensive range of insurance solutions and financial advice that enables our clients to make the right choices for them, safe in the knowledge that we have covered all their bases.


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