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private medical insurance

If you're concerned about delays in getting treatment or diminishing standards within the NHS, then you should consider taking out Private Medical Insurance

At Hugo Wright we're able to source the best option to set your mind at ease. Whether it's for you and your family, or whether you're a business owner looking to add Private Medical Insurance as an excellent benefit for your staff, we're here to find the best cover for you

The two main types of Private Medical Insurance are :

Indemnity policies

These cover the costs of having private medical treatment in the short term for an acute illness or injury. This can include a private room in a hospital, surgeons' and/or other specialists' fees, as well as outpatient care such as diagnostic appointments, physiotherapy etc

Cash Plan policies

These provide a lump-sum benefit payment in certain situations. Generally, the policyholder pays a monthly premium in return for cover, which can pay out up to 100% of costs for treatment like an inpatient stay in an NHS hospital, or dental or optical treatment. These are not always included in an Indemnity policy

Both policies can have additional benefits such as:

  • Partners and/or children cover

  • Telephone support for cancer and heart-condition patients

  • Health checks and support helplines

  • Access to complementary therapies and psychiatric treatment

  • Dental and Optical treatment

  • Treatment at home for intravenous therapies like chemotherapy

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